Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Bed Hospice Photo Being Shopped Around

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Death Bed Hospice Photo Being Shopped Around

A photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown in her hospice death bed is being shopped around to all of the major media outlets. It’s not bad enough that Brown is in the final stages of her life as the doctors have advised her family that there is absolutely no hope for her. Now, someone is trying to cash in on her unfortunate fate.

Brown’s aunt Leolah is going off on anyone and everyone who came in close contact with her niece. When hearing the news that someone came in and snapped a picture of Bobbi Kristina Brown laying on her death bed, Leolah Brown was none too pleased. She said, “You aint gon be able to pay people off on this one! You will not do to my niece what you did to Whitney!”

She also claimed that anyone who came near Brown will be subjected to a lie detector test in an effort to weed out the culprit.

It’s a shame that people are still going for the money grab with this one. Everyone made a grab at Whitney’s money and now they are going after her daughter – even in her fragile state.

Tsk, tsk.

[Photo Credit: Bobbi Kristina Brown via Wikipedia]

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